Dillico moved

We are thrilled to announce that we are transitioning our site to a new location. As of now, we'll be located at Inovallée, Meylan; near our previous office in Grenoble. We’re heading to this new location to: - provide more space for our growing team - expanding our lab [...]

18 October 2023|

All-ScaleFlow™ Technology Presentation at Bioproduction Congress Lyon

The mRNA Revolution: During the pandemic, the implementation of mRNA technology was carried out at a record pace, utilizing existing manufacturing solutions developed for conventional vaccines. However, this approach came with its drawbacks and didn't fully harness the potential benefits of this game-changing platform technology. At Dillico, we believe [...]

29 September 2023|

Dillico Grand Prix i-Lab 2023

Dillico Grand Prix i-Lab 2023 (English version below) Nous sommes honorés d'avoir été choisis parmi de nombreux candidats exceptionnels, comme lauréat du Grand prix i-Lab 2023 ! Ce prix revêt une importance particulière car il reconnaît l'importance et la pertinence de notre projet visant à simplifier la production d'ARN messager [...]

6 July 2023|