Solution for the scale-up and production of mRNA-based vaccines and therapeutics

Dillico is developing an infrastructure of digital tools, equipment and services suited to your mRNA-LNP platform, to help you meet the challenges you face.
Our proprietary flow-technology solution allows the same piece of equipment to produce mRNA vaccine and therapeutics at any scale, from discovery to commercial manufacturing, while offering unique real-time and remote monitoring capabilities, thus facilitating operations and technology transfers.


  • Quickly obtaining material to generate Safety and Efficacy data in human
  • A scale-up process suited to commercial production
  • Transferring Tech Dev process to GMP units
  • Improving understanding of the product and process to refine CQAs and CPPs
  • Construction of a new manufacturing facility to house a large-footprint production unit
  • mRNA-LNP product COGS consistent with key market drivers

Our solution

  • Exploration with a Digital Twin
  • Customized modular equipment
  • Fully automated, real-time control using digital PAT
  • No scale-up, easy transfer
  • The final process can be attained as of Phase 1
  • Between 1,000 and 10 million doses in 3 days, using the same equipment


Advantages of our solution

Quality – Fully enclosed, monitored and digitalized process

Direct Scale-up & Flexibility – 1,000 to 10 million+ doses per run

Optimized Costs – COGS reduced by 80%

Manufacturing at a regional level – Automated equipment with a 4 sq/m footprint


At the core of our solution


Less raw material cost

Waste Reduction

Less Single Use Plastic
Smaller Reaction Volumes

Broad Accessibility

Less reliance on cold chain, supply chain and highly skilled operators

GHG Emission Reduction

Simplified logistic transport and cold chain