The world’s first All-Scale-in-One mRNA manufacturing solution.

Dillico’s game-changing All-ScaleFlow™ technology offers an entirely new approach that enables the end-to-end production of mRNA-LNP, from In-Vitro Transcription to LNP encapsulation.

Production of mRNA-LNP at any scale. Using the same equipment and process design space.

Unique advantages of our mRNA-LNP manufacturing technology

Our continuous All-ScaleFlow™ technology enables the production of GMP-grade mRNA-LNP, with volumes per batch ranging from 1,000 doses for pre-clinical / phase 1 to 10 million doses (few mg to kg) for commercial production in a matter of days, all using the same equipment and process design space.

All-ScaleFlow™ technology holds a number of advantages over existing approaches, making it both unique and competitive.

Batch skid train

Batch integrated solution

Continuous micro-fluidic solution

Dillico All-ScaleFlow® Technology

Confined flow

Small scale down to 1,000 doses

Large scale up to 10m doses

Direct Scale-Up

Customizable process

Digital Twin