The project

mRNA is an extraordinary opportunity to provide vaccines and therapies in a record time and at the right cost and place, especially in countries that have been poorly served up to now.

Such a fast-to-develop technology should go with a fast-to-scale manufacturing process, offering highly flexible capacity. Furthermore, the Biopharma industry needs to be more sustainable and reduce its carbon footprint.

Such challenges can be met with our continuous, digitized, and wide-scale mRNA manufacturing approach. 

This ambitious venture project has strong technical foundations from co-founders, first class professionals from the most advanced biopharma players in terms of automation and mRNA technology, and from a partnership with a German institute. We are working to develop a solution which serves both the biopharma industry and the people, including LMICs, through intensive exchanges and partnerships with key players. 

Job description

We are looking for a highly motivated expert in PAT & biochemical process modeling to lead the PAT implementation and the modelling activity of our continuous mRNA manufacturing solution.

  • Profile and experience
  • Proven experience in the pharma industry in PAT, multivariate analysis, biochemical process modelling and digital twin approach.
  • A plus would be a knowledge of mRNA manufacturing processes (IVT, chromatography, LNP), flow chemistry, automation or continuous process regulatory framework.
  • Innovative and entrepreneurship mindset, team player who fosters collaboration
  • Excellent capacity of communication and leadership
  • Job located in Grenoble, France, one of the major high-tech hubs in Europe

What we offer

A unique opportunity to take part of the development of an early-stage start-up where your contribution will be key to the success of the project.

You will be able to grow your career by working in a state-of-the-art PAT environment where you will explore and innovate while working with diverse clients, teams, academic and leaders in the field.

You will be empowered to take important technical and business decisions while working with a great team of experts.